Nokia Lumia 900


The Lumia 900 is one of Nokia’s gambles to ensure survival in the harsh smartphone market.

Design The Lumia 900 seems to share Lumia 800’s quirky design. It still has the same general layout with similar placements of ports and buttons. The dedicated camera keys, power button and volume rocker are placed on the right side of the phone. MicroUSB port and 3.5 headphone jack can (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Note II Review


Samsung releases the Galaxy Note II in an attempt to win the hearts of global smartphone consumers. The mammoth superphone is a worthy upgrade of the original Galaxy Note.

Design Compared with the original, the Galaxy Note II is somewhat thinner and narrower, which make the phone easier to handle. However, the phone could still a bit of a stretch when used by people with smaller (more…)

BlackBerry Curve 9220


It is easy to forget about the rather unassuming BlackBerry Curve 9220 while our eyes have been to the BlackBerry 10 OS. This phone is popular many developing market and an option for anyone wanting an affordable BlackBerry solution.

Design The Curve 9220 is a nice looking handset and it looks rather sleek with the all black design. It seems to evolve rather well from its (more…)

Acer Revo 100 RL100-U1002


This system brags of a family-sized desktop PC, with  a special touch-pad effect, and also having the capacity of running a multi-media and multi-task function; an impressive Blue-ray drive, all at a decent price. There are large number of people and organizations who would rather have a family-sized all-in-one PC, with a state of-the-art design at a moderate price, as against those who wouldn’t like a large (more…)

Detailed Review on HP Pavilion Elite h8xt


The new all-in-one HP Pavilion Elite h8xt, if anything, stands out for its unique design and other useful applications it parades like the the HP’s sound player, all at a good price. If you’re looking for a system that’s truly all-inclusive, and with one of the finest audio playing software, the pavilion is highly recommended. The only shortcomings in this system is the fact that it (more…)

Exquisite Samsung Series 3 Laptop


Samsung, known for its vast economic approach to designing, entered the market lately with yet another exquisitely designed models – Samsung Series 3, comprising of 9 solid laptops. This $699, 11-inch systems appears to be among the few laptops that can boast of being powered by the Intel Core i3 CPU. Admittedly, the price of this systems is a bit on the high side, since one (more…)

Complete Review on Ipad 2


The Apple ipad 2 is impressively slim, with bright front camera for video chatting and other purposes; relatively fast processor and a high broadband 3G connection from AT&T and Verizon. On the other side, the camera quality is nothing to be compared with normal cameras as the images are blurred, it doesn’t support Adobe flash and most of all, all ports require adapters to use them.


The Amazon Third Generation Kindle


Ever since Amazon entered the e-book  reader business with their first Kindle, competitors have unrelentingly   been on the run. Just in no time at all, with a third generation release – that’s truly business.

The Kindle third generation appears to be slimmer and compact than most of the e-book readers out there – that feature more than accounted for the Kindle’s success. It is relatively fast (more…)

The Wacom Bamboo Graphic Pen Tablet


This amazingly sleek and cool device, the Wacom Bamboo graphical and pen version, solves some of the problems we encounter with most tablet PCs. It has a laudable accurate touch ability – quite unusual you’ll agree.

Even with my already having a tablet PCs in the place of Intuos 3, when I saw my colleague do his designs swiftly with the Wacom Bamboo, I knew I’d never (more…)

New Toshiba Portege R835 Review


In recent times, the high-performing improved Intel CPU has become computer producers delight. With the brilliant design that went into producing the Toshiba Portage R835, an amazing cell-life, couple with high-end performance capacity, this system, with its quite fair price,  is set to rock the PC world in no small way.

Just like every other product, and bearing in mind that there is no “El Dorado” (more…)