Acer Revo 100 RL100-U1002

This system brags of a family-sized desktop PC, with  a special touch-pad effect, and also having the capacity of running a multi-media and multi-task function; an impressive Blue-ray drive, all at a decent price. There are large number of people and organizations who would rather have a family-sized all-in-one PC, with a state of-the-art design at a moderate price, as against those who wouldn’t like a large family PC.

Again, you should know that this system comes with a low-power CPU and that’s enough to deter the smooth playing of games and other demanding activities.

At a nominal price of $499, there are several features to appreciate in this upgraded system. This brand of Acer could be rightly tagged “supperslim”, and it has a brilliant design that instantly catches the eyes. The system boast of a mammoth memory space of 750GB; an AMD dual-core processor and a good Blue-ray player. Everything wraps up to give you an appealing large family-sized system that delivers entertainment to your HDTV.

It is impossible, of course, to have everybody love or appreciate a product however good it is. Some are already reporting that the touch pad is not very sensitive. Either case, what I found out with the Acer Revo 100 is that it offers you a solid home theatrical-PC  entertainment.

The Revo has a striking similarity with the thin model of playstation 2 game. Just in similar fashion like the playstation 2, the Acer Revo can stand flat on the ground, even without the supporting stands. This upgraded PC comes with wireless service that, in a network, can send data to various other systems because of the availability of Acer’s clear-fi networking application; that too, is one of the reasons we compared the Acer 100 with the PS series, since the PS 3 offers virtually all that the Acer 100 is giving.

This system has a fine, but not overly sensitive, touch pad with the dimension of 25-inch thickness, 4.5-inch wide and 6.25 inch long, embedded inside the system. Just by tapping a key by the side of the system, you pull up the touch pad, that can also be detected by the Clear-fi all the way from a 40 feet yard.

The Revo you must note doesn’t support much intensive tasks. This is as a result of the fact that the system has low power capacity and considerable low speed. When measured with other systems on these particular feature, the disparity against the Revo was quite substantial, which makes it unsuitable for efficiency-demanding task. Other than that, the system is fast and handles basic tasks satisfactorily.

This system, no doubt would have you save some dollar monthly in lower power consumption, which also accounted for its much appreciated environmental friendly nature. You also enjoy basic customer support programs like: one year part-and-labour warranty, 24hrs customer care, and lots of other useful programs you can find in their website.

The Revo 100 RL100-U1002 PC-based home theatre gives you lot of satisfaction for your money. What for its inability to play high graphical games, the system is superb, providing you with the largest access to several online contents.

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