BlackBerry Curve 9220

It is easy to forget about the rather unassuming BlackBerry Curve 9220 while our eyes have been to the BlackBerry 10 OS. This phone is popular many developing market and an option for anyone wanting an affordable BlackBerry solution.

The Curve 9220 is a nice looking handset and it looks rather sleek with the all black design. It seems to evolve rather well from its direct predecessor, the Curve 8520. There are a few subtle differences, while both devices look mostly alike. The BBM physical key is placed on the left side of the phone and it is basically designed to make the more comfortable to use. The Curve 9220 should feel entirely solid, although not as robust as more expensive Torch and Bold devices. No metal components to be seen here and the Curve 9220 is made entirely from plastic. Like other Curves, the 9220 should feel really nice in the hand with its curved corners.

The display could be a letdown for some users. It has mediocre resolutions and some graphical elements can be somewhat grainy. You won’t get that crisp experience available on high-end devices, but again this comes down on what you pay for. If the Curve 9220 is your first smartphone, you may not even notice it.

Like many BlackBerry devices, the QWERTY keyboard is the central point of Curve 9220. The layout looks similar to the one we see on Curve 8520, 9300 and 9360. This kind of keyboard design has been around for more than couple of years, so it is already workable for most users.

The Curve 9220 packs only a 2Mp rear-facing camera and images taken on broad daylight should look bright and nice.

The Curve 9220 shouldn’t be compared with even a mid-range smartphone in the market, but it still has good opportunity in budget category.

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