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Nokia Lumia 900


The Lumia 900 is one of Nokia’s gambles to ensure survival in the harsh smartphone market.

Design The Lumia 900 seems to share Lumia 800’s quirky design. It still has the same general layout with similar placements of ports and buttons. The dedicated camera keys, power button and volume rocker are placed on the right side of the phone. MicroUSB port and 3.5 headphone jack can (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Note II Review


Samsung releases the Galaxy Note II in an attempt to win the hearts of global smartphone consumers. The mammoth superphone is a worthy upgrade of the original Galaxy Note.

Design Compared with the original, the Galaxy Note II is somewhat thinner and narrower, which make the phone easier to handle. However, the phone could still a bit of a stretch when used by people with smaller (more…)

The Android Phone to Drive The Car

The Android Phone to Drive The Car

Android to drive the car. Company Elrik has converted a toy car and has created an application for Android so that it can be controlled with a smartphone.

A smartphone that acts as a controller for a toy car. The accelerator for driving is made by a button that allows the machine to move forward and another for reverse.  There is also the possibility to (more…)

HTC Unveiled The Thunderbolt, A Leading Mobile with Android

HTC Unveiled The Thunderbolt, A Leading Mobile

Continue to be more and more prestigious, and especially cell phones and smartphones have operating system Android. It was a little and the rumors that were circulating the rumors about the features that should have the new HTC Thunderbolt, a very powerful smartphone with Android operating system.

Now, as everyone expected, came the presentation at CES 2011, a phone that will have innovative technology like (more…)

Bringrr – Often Forget The Phone? Get Help From Bringrr

Bringrr - Often Forget

Bringrr, the Bluetooth device for mobile that emits a sound and a red light if it fails to identify,  within a range of actions of a few meters, the phone (or another handset) that has been paired, each time you start your car . If your diet is low in phosphorus and have severe memory problems, it might be worth spending $ 35 for this (more…)

Samsung E2232 – Smartphone with Dual SIM and 3.5 mm Jack

Samsung E2232 – Smartphone with Dual SIM and 3.5 mm Jack

Samsung E2232 is a phone that can handle two SIM cards (Dual SIM). Beyond this, which is the main feature, this model can be considered entry level.

From a technical standpoint, therefore, it is a simple and unpretentious phone. But at the same time, it is easy to use.

Design :

Samsung E2232 measuring 109.2 mm in height, 46 mm in width and 14.9 mm in thickness. The weight (more…)

Samsung E1182 – Simple and Essential Smartphone with Dual SIM

Samsung E1182 - Simple and Essential Smartphone with Dual SIM

Samsung E1182 Dual SIM phone is a low-end. It represents an ideal solution for those who, in a cell, they see basically a tool to communicate, nothing more.

Obviously, it is far from high-end models that recently the market has become accustomed, but for this has a certain value.

A few functions available. This feature should not necessarily be framed as a defect.

Design: Samsung E1182 is a simple (more…)

OtterBox Commuter Case for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Black

OtterBox Commuter Case for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Black

You have got the Sony Peria X10, a sophisticated phone with amazing features like Time scape, Media scape and more. Now you need the kind of case that protects while preserving the usability of this awesome device. The Otter Box Commuter Series for Sony Peria X10 answers that need. This case is slim, yet tough protection from life! About our Commuter Series: Three slender, yet sturdy layers offer (more…)

Philips Xenium Cell Phone

Philips Xenium Cell Phone

The Philips 9 at 9e. One of the best business decisions you’ll ever make The sleek and compact exterior of this communication device belies its incredible storage capacity of up to 20MB of memory for your use. So that, for instance, you could store up to 1000 phone book entries with 5 numbers each or 30 minutes of voice recordings.

Average price for this product: $59.94 (more…)

Belkin F1PP000GN-SK Wi-Fi Phone – Skype, Black


the world for far less than a regular phone call. This Belkin phone can be used with or without a computer. It does need, however, wireless access to a broadband WiFi network connection. It comes pre-loaded with Skype software and featuring the same Skype interface, the Belkin Wi-Fi Phone is ready to use with any wireless network. It is easy to use. To make a call, simply use (more…)