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Exquisite Samsung Series 3 Laptop


Samsung, known for its vast economic approach to designing, entered the market lately with yet another exquisitely designed models – Samsung Series 3, comprising of 9 solid laptops. This $699, 11-inch systems appears to be among the few laptops that can boast of being powered by the Intel Core i3 CPU. Admittedly, the price of this systems is a bit on the high side, since one (more…)

New Toshiba Portege R835 Review


In recent times, the high-performing improved Intel CPU has become computer producers delight. With the brilliant design that went into producing the Toshiba Portage R835, an amazing cell-life, couple with high-end performance capacity, this system, with its quite fair price,  is set to rock the PC world in no small way.

Just like every other product, and bearing in mind that there is no “El Dorado” (more…)

Reviewing Gateway NV55S05U


The Gateway NV55S05u is referred to as a high capacity laptop due to its large hard disk and RAM size. Perhaps the greatest feature this laptop possesses is the inclusion of AMD A8 APU which gives it a great graphics advantage over other systems. The device plays virtually all high demanding games. The system has a poor battery; as long as you’re ready to put up (more…)

Lenovo IdeaPad S205 – 2011


If you’re interested on a high-performing on-the-go web browsing system, with the finest of design, there is only one place to turn to, and that is the Lenovo; for its just introduced sharp and spell-casting IdeaPd S205. This system merges AMD’s spectacular ultraportable template with a breathtaking IdeaPad design, to give it a unique selling strategy. Though, the system’s touch pad is smaller than normal, but (more…)