Complete Review on Ipad 2

The Apple ipad 2 is impressively slim, with bright front camera for video chatting and other purposes; relatively fast processor and a high broadband 3G connection from AT&T and Verizon. On the other side, the camera quality is nothing to be compared with normal cameras as the images are blurred, it doesn’t support Adobe flash and most of all, all ports require adapters to use them.

On the overall, the ipad is a beautiful product with a very easy-to-use graphical font as its common with Apple. There is also a vast collection of already installed applications that comes with the phone and a battery that last for more than any that I’ve ever seen with any other tablet.

The ipad dominated the tablet market all through 2010, and with more improved version in the ipad 2, they’re ready to climb that ladder even further pushing.

Just like it was with the ipod, Apple maintained there usual strategy which is: slim, strong and fast. The ipad 2 comes with 2 cameras, and thinner than other tablet PCs out there, thus making it most portable.

The ipad is in varieties of colours and configuration, and priced differently. The cheapest model has a Wi-Fi enabled internet connection, a reasonable memory capacity of 16GB and sells for $499. if for some reasons, the 16GB doesn’t serve your purpose, then you might want to upgrade to more greater version. The best of it all with a memory  capacity of 64GB and selling for $699 is enough to contain all that you’ve got – musics, software, videos and pictures.

To have access to the gadget’s 3G connection, an access fee of $130 is required for each of the different models. The ipad 2 avails you the opportunity of choosing between any of AT&T and Verizon carrier. Though, you must note that once you subscribe with any of the carrier, you can’t alternate until your subscription expires.

Apple is renowned for its ability to design sleek gadgets, and the ipad 2 is no exception. This device is so slim with a size of 0.34 inch. The ipad is lot slimmer than the iphone 4 and, in fact, if you haven’t seen it before, there is no way you would take it for a tablet PC.

One would rightly think that because of the super-slim nature of the ipad, that the construction quality would be impaired. That, however, is not the case. The Pc is solidly durable with an unscratched-able glass cover on it face. The back is also protected with a strong aluminium cast that fits in tightly, shielding the front camera from any damage.

Quite truly, the ipad 2 might be seen as not too different from the previous version, but even at that, the ipad 2 has some impressive new additions that sets it apart like: There is the presence of two cameras, individually performing excellently. They both independently records videos and images.  The camera at the back is endowed with 720p video capture. It looks very much like that of the iphone 4. the camera, which has a censor( nothing to be compared with that of the iphone, though) makes no flash when taking a shot. It takes photos very much like the ipod Touch 4th generation – videos are remarkably still.

The cameras are surprisingly of magnitude 10-megapixel. That is unusual for a tablet PC. That notwithstanding, I’d quickly say that despite the much effort made by apple to boost the camera quality of this product, it is still nothing to be talked about. The images and videos are rather blurred, and more importantly.

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