Detailed Review on HP Pavilion Elite h8xt

The new all-in-one HP Pavilion Elite h8xt, if anything, stands out for its unique design and other useful applications it parades like the the HP’s sound player, all at a good price. If you’re looking for a system that’s truly all-inclusive, and with one of the finest audio playing software, the pavilion is highly recommended. The only shortcomings in this system is the fact that it doesn’t provide a great graphics capacity to play most 3D games – if that’s your only problem, you can get a better deal elsewhere. Secondly, it’s also very difficult upgrading the system if there be a need for such.

This product ushered in an unprecedented design in the HP desktop series. The new standard is an angular design with a LED display on its front, which very much gave the system an entirely different look from the bulk of what’s available in the market.

The Elite has an asking price of $1,299 – quite on the high side. But considering the solidness and all-terrain nature of this PC, it’d be thoughtful of buyers to give it a second consideration.

The Pavilion’s major competing strength is its Audio Beat Application that can’t be gotten elsewhere, and the availability of a free USB 3.0 jack that costs an extra dollar if it was to be Dell. That said, every other thing is fairly constant, and in some cases, the Pavilion is being outperformed. For instance the $1,350 Dell XPS 8300 has a new high-performing Radeon HD 6870 graphics card. The Dell processor is arguably a better performer than the HP, supporting several low resolutions 3D games. On the generality, this two product has a clear competitive advantage over each other which depends on what the shopper is actually looking for.

Though, you can play most recent games on this system, but the big setback is that in no distance time, you’ll hit the threshold of the system’s GeForce GTX 560 Ti graphics card. The only way you’d be OK with this system is to regulate your screen display to 21-inch, with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080, most importantly when playing more recent games. Or better still, you can upgrade, though not without stress, to GeForce GTX 580 Ti with an additional tariff of $200. Just like is the case with most thing, an increase in the graphics front, sees you pay about $70 more on increased power consumption – rising from 460 watt to 600 watt.

From the above paragraph, it can be inferred that the Pavilion is not very power-consuming-friendly, though, we couldn’t have expected more, giving the performance of this system. The HP Pavilion Elite h8xt is also offered with a good customer support policies that provides you with a one year repair warranty and a toll-free call.

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