Exquisite Samsung Series 3 Laptop

Samsung, known for its vast economic approach to designing, entered the market lately with yet another exquisitely designed models – Samsung Series 3, comprising of 9 solid laptops. This $699, 11-inch systems appears to be among the few laptops that can boast of being powered by the Intel Core i3 CPU. Admittedly, the price of this systems is a bit on the high side, since one can get various other laptops in this category for a lesser amount, but the Samsung PCs have their edge in performance and dependability.

The broad virtual links possessed by this system is almost equal to none. The new systems, that currently sell only in the US, is of 11.6-inch, and runs in Window 7 premium, with the Intel Core i3 processor. This version was introduced to offer customers a less expensive alternative to the snazzy Series 9 – which is also a recently unveiled version comprising of 7 spectacular models. This systems pair head-to-head with the likes of HP Pavilion dm1z, Lenovo and ideaPad 205.

To truly make a good decision in acquiring this system, it boils down to a careful consideration of performance – the configuration of the system as opposed to others in its class, page loading rate, gaming ability and other necessities that makes for  great configuration; the price of the system has to be rightly considered too. So far, there is being a price drop of about $100 on the $699 Series 3 – but just like Oliver Twist, customers are asking for more. The last thing that should be well considered is the cell life of the system, which in my opinion doesn’t measure up with several others.

With the release of Series seven and nine, the Series 3, however, still catch its customers attention even though it sells for a lesser price. The system has the normal screen resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels. I must comment that the system displays clear and rich images. Quite expectedly, the inside speaker happens to be tinny, just as common with other portable laptops, but if you want to do anything more than normal video viewing, it’s better done with an earpiece.

Despite this system having a high and impressive performance rating, its battery life is nothing close to optimal, lasting for a maximum of 3hrs in a constant video playback. One should have expected that an ultraportable system like the Samsung Series 3 will have a more lasting battery like the HP Pavilion dm1z that stays for as much as five hours.

The product featured the expected one year repair warranty and host of other supports in the Samsung website.

On the overall, the Series 3, for its high performance and well-above average design, is a great product for all those that care so much about reliability.

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