New Toshiba Portege R835 Review

In recent times, the high-performing improved Intel CPU has become computer producers delight. With the brilliant design that went into producing the Toshiba Portage R835, an amazing cell-life, couple with high-end performance capacity, this system, with its quite fair price,  is set to rock the PC world in no small way.

Just like every other product, and bearing in mind that there is no “El Dorado” in the market, this system has its own shortcomings. For instance, broadband access and Bluetooth connection happened to be absent in some of the config. Secondly, you should know that the Intel’s processor doesn’t offer the best graphics option, which is to say you might hit some frictions while playing a 3D streamed video. With that said, the system is great, considering all that which makes for an excellent laptop.

Here is the message: when the Portege first hit the market as a 13-inch system, it was undoubtedly the most versatile laptop on that category and with a customer friendly price. Over the past couples of weeks, newer version of the same laptop but with different configuration was introduced to the market, and each amazingly met shoppers expectations.

Some of the newly introduced systems offer even better deal than the original. This laptops, depending on the model, goes for about $649 to $729; and still maintains the fine design of the initial system. Let me add that R835 offers a better feature than the more costly MacBook. It battery life exceeds that of MacBook with nothing less than 3 hours; and offering several upgraded features like USB 3.0, eSATA .

Here is the breakdown: some configurations doesn’t have a Bluetooth and a wireless connection, other configurations run in lower Intel Core i3 processor, while others meet all standards. In either case, you’d find the version that meets your pocket power and ultimately serves your purpose.

The 13.3-inch Portege is designed with a standard screen resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels – that pairs almost equally with the MacBook, but a little lesser than that of MacBook Air. On the sound system, the Portege is quite sloppy; producing a rather faint sounds from its external speaker. To really enjoy an audio, a headphones is necessary.

The 2010 R835 brand has a battery power that last for only three hours. The new Portege, due in part to the new Intel powerful processor, runs for a complete seven hours uninterrupted, giving it an edge over others on this regard.

A 1-year warranty accompanied the system as expected; a 24-hrs toll-free calls is also offered, and finally, an automated website that directs you in a bid to helping you find all other packages that Toshiba offers for this laptop.

My believe is that Toshiba really got it right by providing different variations of the Portege R835 which enables more people with different budgets meet the price. Outside price and product variations, the processor size of this system, at the time of this writing, is equal to none in it class.

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