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Tempered spring steel construction is corrosion resistant. Nickel plated handles fold flat when not in use, or may be removed for permanent binding. Tempered-steel clip handles fold flat for storage, flip up for easy hanging, easily removed for binding.

Available in mixed colors, plus silvertone. Perfect for business presentations. Size includes: 15mm, 60 pieces per box. 19mm, 40 pieces per box. 25mm, 48 pieces per box. 32mm,24 pieces per box. (more…)

office supplies 12 Inch Alumicutter


Use the AlumiCutter with a razor knife or rotary blade safely! Measure and then use the AlumiCutter as a cutting edge without changing tools.

AlumiCutter’s raised edge and finger groove protect fingers while cutting. The neoprene recessed non-slip backing keeps the AlumiCutter positioned with just a light touch.

Extruded aluminum with markings done using Alumicolor’s photo anodizing process is also an ideal raised inking edge. Go to (more…)