New Toshiba DX 1210-STAN22 Desktop Review


For about ten years, Toshiba has been away from the desktop computer business, now they’ve decided to welcome back their customers with a great launch of the Toshiba DX1210-STAN22. The product, which goes for $950 performed wonderfully well and quite versatile due in part to the presence of HDMI input.

The product which runs in Microsoft’s Window 7 Premium, with 2.3GHz Intel Core (more…)

Hp Pavilion P7 1070T Review


For products within its price range, the HP Pavilion P1070T offers an incredible graphical interface, most photoshop users would find this desktop very interesting. Though, fierce market competition from Acer and Gateway make the Pavilion looks somewhat costlier, but some of the features in this system gives it an edge over its rivals.

In the computer industry, the desktop have experienced more competition than any other product. (more…)

Reviewing Gateway NV55S05U


The Gateway NV55S05u is referred to as a high capacity laptop due to its large hard disk and RAM size. Perhaps the greatest feature this laptop possesses is the inclusion of AMD A8 APU which gives it a great graphics advantage over other systems. The device plays virtually all high demanding games. The system has a poor battery; as long as you’re ready to put up (more…)

Reviewing the 3D TV


The 3D TV is a breakthrough innovation that makes it possible for individuals and families to enjoy a so-real 3-dimensional broadcast at the comfort of their home. With a 3D TV, images appear to want to jump out from the TV, you can’t help but feel like you’re part of the event. that’s why it’s said that with 3D, you don’t just watch, you get involved (more…)

The Android Phone to Drive The Car

The Android Phone to Drive The Car

Android to drive the car. Company Elrik has converted a toy car and has created an application for Android so that it can be controlled with a smartphone.

A smartphone that acts as a controller for a toy car. The accelerator for driving is made by a button that allows the machine to move forward and another for reverse.  There is also the possibility to (more…)

Apple ipod Classic 7th Generation


Maybe it was my unbranded and insatiable love for music that got the better part of me. But one thing was clear, the moment I set my eyes on the Apple ipod Classic 7th Generation, I knew without being sold that that was a gadget I had to own. Over times, music lovers like myself have come to love the ipod series so much, and this (more…)

Lenovo IdeaPad S205 – 2011


If you’re interested on a high-performing on-the-go web browsing system, with the finest of design, there is only one place to turn to, and that is the Lenovo; for its just introduced sharp and spell-casting IdeaPd S205. This system merges AMD’s spectacular ultraportable template with a breathtaking IdeaPad design, to give it a unique selling strategy. Though, the system’s touch pad is smaller than normal, but (more…)

Transform Your iPhone into A Universal Remote Control

Transform Your iPhone into A Universal Remote

Any year are now believed to transform a normal iPhone into a universal remote control for TV, but the idea had always been considered too extravagant and of little use: in fact had not been made. Until now.

A small company called Peel, has created these days the Peel universal Control System, an application designed to turn a simple iPhone into a universal remote control (more…)

RFID reader / writer BlueBerry UHF Tertium Technology

The RFID reader / writer BlueBerry UHF Tertium Technology is a premium quality. BlueBerry keychain format is born, it reads RFID tags and communicates the data read via bluetooth to any device equipped with this interface (laptop, PDA, smartphone, PC).

The BlueBerry RFID (RFID compact) stems from the assumption that a person usually has a cell phone in their pockets (of course, like everyone else) and a bunch of keys. From this premise it was a device made easy to use and small size, small enough to become a key chain and can, by pressing a single button to read a tag (label) and to transmit the RFID data read to your phone or smartphones that we have always with us.

With this device, combined with RFID technology, the uses are endless!

BlueBerry UHF RFID: Features

- Bluetooth interface and USB (USB RFID reader)
- 2-color LED and Beeper
- Reader / Writer RFID UHF EPC Class 1 Gen 2

Using the device that sent the data BlueBerry RFID reader, such as a smartphone, the data can be displayed, stored, processed and forwarded, via Wi-Fi directly online through GPRS network. Moreover, using the GPS receiver, now present on many smartphones, you can obtain the geo-referenced data.

The BlueBerry allows you to see RFID technology not as a separate world of dedicated hardware, but as a capacity extension of the now ubiquitous sensing smartphones, giving them the ability to identify (sensing & environmental) radio frequency. The goal is to make it possible to overcome the obstacles that slow down for years the evolution of RFID projects, including: breaking down the investment of devices (often) complex and dominated by the main feature at the expense of the MMI and communication skills ; reduce integration costs, to fully exploit the technology of interaction man / machine communication and smartphones are (constantly maintained) state of the art.

BlueBerry UHF RFID + Smartphone = Benefits

- The use of all communication interfaces on the phone (GPRS, GPS, Wi-Fi)
- Familiarity in the use by any operator of a mobile phone
- Smart phones are offered by leading mobile operators, using symbols and data traffic included, compared with a very low monthly fee.
- BlueBerry also be provided with a monthly rent

BlueBerry UHF RFID – Applications

A typical RFID applications BlueBerry is that in the control of the workforce employed in third. For example, the automated control of data on presence of the personnel working for temporary employment agencies, home health care monitoring, management of maintenance and / or home repair, periodic reviews of the certification of plants etc..etc..
This product is a quality Marzuino Awards. To have read the rules of free Marzuino.
The BlueBerry UHF RFID reader is available immediately from Tertium Technology.
On site is also available complete documentation in PDF and a Case Study!

Philips Pure Twilight – The Gadget That Wakes You in The Nature

Philips Pure Twilight - The Gadget

Waking up is a difficult task for you? According to some studies, the ringing of the alarm clock in the morning newspaper is a shock to which we subject our body causing stress and nervousness. A soft awakening is the dream of all: but how? Philips has created a new and interesting electronic gadgets that can make us open our eyes without trauma and especially in (more…)