New Casio TRYX, A Camera-change

New Casio TRYX, A Camera-change

New Casio TRYX, a camera-change. Very often when you buy a camera you want to take photos while videos can jars and the same goes for the cameras.

However, very often are not designed to meet the best at both tasks, and so very often you end up with devices that are inconvenient to perform either task. To fix the problem we thought the Casio, (more…)

HTC Unveiled The Thunderbolt, A Leading Mobile with Android

HTC Unveiled The Thunderbolt, A Leading Mobile

Continue to be more and more prestigious, and especially cell phones and smartphones have operating system Android. It was a little and the rumors that were circulating the rumors about the features that should have the new HTC Thunderbolt, a very powerful smartphone with Android operating system.

Now, as everyone expected, came the presentation at CES 2011, a phone that will have innovative technology like (more…)

Hitachi G-Drive: Hitachi Hard Drive Launched by Thin G-Drive

Hitachi G-Drive Hitachi Hard Drive

Hitachi G-Technology G-Drive is a new device that is being released by Hitachi. The external storage drives or laptops are quite popular these days, especially for those who have a tendency to travel all the time (who has a netbook, for example, has never provided sufficient space, view the note and poor of which are equipped with these devices). So, if you must carry around, (more…)

Eee Slate EP121 New Tablet Coming from Asus

Eee Slate EP121 New Tablet

The tablets are now becoming more common, it is often easy to find more and more people are walking around with these gadgets that use technology for work or just for fun. The Assus comes on the market with new tablet

Asus Tablet – features

The first model was christened the Eee Slate EP121. It will have a 12.1 screen with a resolution well, all (more…)

Dell has a New Tablet Streak 7 and Clashes with Samsung and Lenovo

Dell has a New Tablet Streak 7 and Clashes

Dell Streak 7 Tablet is now really a booming market, very often an object of desire of many people. So could a company like Dell, which is among the world’s leading notebook manufacturers, stay out of this market.

This new product will mount the Android operating system 2.2 and will have a 7-inch multitouch screen that will have a resolution of 800×480 points streak. The name (more…)

CamBall Camera – Advanced Features Camera in A Small Ball

CamBall Camera -  Advanced Features

CamBall The camera is a step forward compared to cameras that have been outstanding so far. Since their output (and talk about digital, because the LCD is already too old analog) of evolution there have been many, the features are increased with the succession of models, to arrive at this curious CamBall, a small resource-rich camera.

CamBall, the evolution of the digital video camera

The camcorders were introduced many years (more…)

Bringrr – Often Forget The Phone? Get Help From Bringrr

Bringrr - Often Forget

Bringrr, the Bluetooth device for mobile that emits a sound and a red light if it fails to identify,  within a range of actions of a few meters, the phone (or another handset) that has been paired, each time you start your car . If your diet is low in phosphorus and have severe memory problems, it might be worth spending $ 35 for this (more…)

3D Glasses – How They Work and Choose

The 3D Glasses are the ideal solution for displaying 3D images, in particular the 3D TV. The stereoscopic display in recent technological achievements, it can happen without the help of 3D glasses (called the self stereoscopy), but in most cases these are still used. 3D glasses can be grouped into two broad categories: active and passive.

What are they and how do they work active 3D Glasses
As the name suggests, these glasses virtual ‘work’ to allow you to view images in 3D shutter glasses come in and display.

We see first the shutter. These 3D active glasses are made with a glass plate which has the particularity to block the light, enabling you to send the left eye and right eye image altered to show first the one, then all ‘Another, stereoscopic image every frame. This is necessary in order to expose the frequency of the half of a screen (if the frequency is 120Hz, the stereoscopic image will be at 60Hz), so as to ‘trick’ the brain, which processes the images as if they were separated series continues in motion. These glasses for 3D video processing are wireless and run on rechargeable batteries, but many find them uncomfortable. The advantage is that it works with almost all existing 3D technologies.

Video glasses (or display) are the other option of active 3D glasses. Their use is limited to virtual reality simulations for military and consist of two real LCD screens can display different images for each eye. Obviously, given the cost, the solution is less commercial.

What are they and how do they work passive 3D Glasses
Passive 3D glasses are worn simply to see 3D images on screen. All work is done by the technology of 3D TV and cinema. Polarized 3D glasses are the most common variant of passive glasses, and are those that are commonly used in theaters for performances in three dimensions. Work without active components, but simply to filter a single image to create two channels for stereo imaging. This technology is used both by Real IMAX 3D, but in different ways. The first uses a linear polarization, the other of the circular. This allows you to filter the light waves in both clockwise and counterclockwise, and therefore do not require that the head is upright, to maintain the stereo image. The linear polarization, however, filters out light waves horizontal or vertical depending on specifications, thus requiring a standing position to develop the best 3D images. The advantage of these virtual glasses is that they are cheap, but unfortunately are characterized by a reduced brightness, because each eye is achieved by half of the light’s source.

Old-style 3D Glasses: anaglyphs, those with a red lens and a cyan
To the delight of lovers of DIY, you can build these 3D glasses at home, using plastic cyan and red lenses. How do they work? Simple, the red lens isolates the cyan image and vice versa, so the eye simultaneously display two split level, with the resulting three-dimensional effect. These glasses do not offer a high quality since the color changes are altered from the original, but they are always good to see old movies in 3D.

Samsung E2232 – Smartphone with Dual SIM and 3.5 mm Jack

Samsung E2232 – Smartphone with Dual SIM and 3.5 mm Jack

Samsung E2232 is a phone that can handle two SIM cards (Dual SIM). Beyond this, which is the main feature, this model can be considered entry level.

From a technical standpoint, therefore, it is a simple and unpretentious phone. But at the same time, it is easy to use.

Design :

Samsung E2232 measuring 109.2 mm in height, 46 mm in width and 14.9 mm in thickness. The weight (more…)

Samsung E1182 – Simple and Essential Smartphone with Dual SIM

Samsung E1182 - Simple and Essential Smartphone with Dual SIM

Samsung E1182 Dual SIM phone is a low-end. It represents an ideal solution for those who, in a cell, they see basically a tool to communicate, nothing more.

Obviously, it is far from high-end models that recently the market has become accustomed, but for this has a certain value.

A few functions available. This feature should not necessarily be framed as a defect.

Design: Samsung E1182 is a simple (more…)