Samsung Galaxy Note II Review

Samsung releases the Galaxy Note II in an attempt to win the hearts of global smartphone consumers. The mammoth superphone is a worthy upgrade of the original Galaxy Note.

Compared with the original, the Galaxy Note II is somewhat thinner and narrower, which make the phone easier to handle. However, the phone could still a bit of a stretch when used by people with smaller hands. Large phones are more likely to slip out of our hands, but the Galaxy Note II offers a perfectly solid construction with its polycarbonate back cover and faux-metal chrome sides.

The 5.5” HD Super-AMOLED display delivers a pixel density value of 267 ppi, which is somewhat lower than the original. The new Note still retains excellent viewing angles with more than decent outdoors visibility.

As usual, we still get the same TouchWiz UI running on top of Jelly Bean and users can take advantage of latest features, including the Google Now. Smart Stay allows the screen to stay active when you read something on it. Smart Rotation allows the display to stay aligned with the user’s face, which is convenient when you use the phablet while lying on the bed.

S Pen
The S Pen on the Galaxy Note II is wider and longer, with four times pressure sensitivity levels, allows for far more accurate drawing.

Samsung continues to deliver some of the finest smartphone cameras, despite its insistence to use 8Mp sensors since the Galaxy S2. It supports up to 800 ISO, contrast/exposure adjustments, metering and white balance.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II sports fast 1.6GHz Exynos 4412 quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and Mali-400MP GPU. Overall, the phone is a joy to use and the interface feels buttery smooth. There are no signs of delays, lags and stuttering even when running demanding 3D games.

Samsung Galaxy Note II represents the dynamic, rapid developments of mobile industry. It sits firmly on top of Android hierarchy and a perfect choice for those who don’t find the large size intimidating.

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