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Nokia Lumia 900


The Lumia 900 is one of Nokia’s gambles to ensure survival in the harsh smartphone market.

Design The Lumia 900 seems to share Lumia 800’s quirky design. It still has the same general layout with similar placements of ports and buttons. The dedicated camera keys, power button and volume rocker are placed on the right side of the phone. MicroUSB port and 3.5 headphone jack can (more…)

Impressive T-Mobile MyTouch 4G displays admirable speed


The smartphone market will soon be flooded with more 4G handsets with each carrier taking its turn to launch one every now and then. HTC EVO 4G, being the first one, triggered off the race that is bound to prove beneficial for you as a customer.

T-Mobile MyTouch 4G is an attempt in the same direction to provide with better download, upload and streaming speed. MyTouch can (more…)