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Acer Revo 100 RL100-U1002


This system brags of a family-sized desktop PC, with  a special touch-pad effect, and also having the capacity of running a multi-media and multi-task function; an impressive Blue-ray drive, all at a decent price. There are large number of people and organizations who would rather have a family-sized all-in-one PC, with a state of-the-art design at a moderate price, as against those who wouldn’t like a large (more…)

New Toshiba DX 1210-STAN22 Desktop Review


For about ten years, Toshiba has been away from the desktop computer business, now they’ve decided to welcome back their customers with a great launch of the Toshiba DX1210-STAN22. The product, which goes for $950 performed wonderfully well and quite versatile due in part to the presence of HDMI input.

The product which runs in Microsoft’s Window 7 Premium, with 2.3GHz Intel Core (more…)

Hp Pavilion P7 1070T Review


For products within its price range, the HP Pavilion P1070T offers an incredible graphical interface, most photoshop users would find this desktop very interesting. Though, fierce market competition from Acer and Gateway make the Pavilion looks somewhat costlier, but some of the features in this system gives it an edge over its rivals.

In the computer industry, the desktop have experienced more competition than any other product. (more…)