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Complete Review on Ipad 2


The Apple ipad 2 is impressively slim, with bright front camera for video chatting and other purposes; relatively fast processor and a high broadband 3G connection from AT&T and Verizon. On the other side, the camera quality is nothing to be compared with normal cameras as the images are blurred, it doesn’t support Adobe flash and most of all, all ports require adapters to use them.


The Wacom Bamboo Graphic Pen Tablet


This amazingly sleek and cool device, the Wacom Bamboo graphical and pen version, solves some of the problems we encounter with most tablet PCs. It has a laudable accurate touch ability – quite unusual you’ll agree.

Even with my already having a tablet PCs in the place of Intuos 3, when I saw my colleague do his designs swiftly with the Wacom Bamboo, I knew I’d never (more…)