The Amazon Third Generation Kindle

Ever since Amazon entered the e-book  reader business with their first Kindle, competitors have unrelentingly   been on the run. Just in no time at all, with a third generation release – that’s truly business.

The Kindle third generation appears to be slimmer and compact than most of the e-book readers out there – that feature more than accounted for the Kindle’s success. It is relatively fast and opens pages as soon as you ask for it, making the gadget users first choice.  It is loaded with millions of e-books, magazines and news papers. It has a Wi-Fi connection to Amazon web store particularly; 4GB internal hard disk space that can hold as much as three thousand five hundred e-books; an internal virtual keyboard for taking notes while reading; an audible audio player and two handy extra batteries to  last you until you’re able to recharge.

On the downside, the Kindle has it’s own problems: the moment you exhaust your 4GB (of only 3.3 usable memory), you’re trapped because there is no micoSB for possible memory expansion – that’ a real pain in the ass because the 3.3GB is sure to get used up sooner than expected, leaving you with the option of transferring some of your documents to free up memory. There is no EPUB book files and safety case for carrying the device around.

On the overall, the Amazon third generation Kindle Is just amazing. If you consider the impressive slimness of the object, the longevity of it’s battery and most of all, the fact that it sells for a relatively cheaper price than other e-book readers, you’ll understand why in the space of just three years Amazon has made it to the top of the very competitive e-book business.

Just like Microsoft wasn’t the first company to program and operating system, and Apple’s ipod wasn’t the first music player either, Amazon in like manner wasn’t the first to do an e-book reader. Several companies like Sony and NuvoMedia where there before Amazon. But the impact of the Kindle can’t be ruled out. As a matter of fact, what used to be ordinary and overlooked niche was turned into a big mass industry with hungry customers to satisfy. I can’t help but see the Kindle achieving in the e-book business what ipod did in the music industry. In just 3 years, and in a fierce market, Amazon is releasing to the waiting public the Kindle’s third generation.

The Kindle is just an improved version of what is out there; the very-important Wi-Fi connection is emulated from arch rival Barnes & Nobles Nook. The screen has an enormously improved graphical interface; small and portable – just 6-inch sized.

The Kindle has different varieties of version, the most popular of them is the one with Wi-Fi  and 3G broadband connection. This particular brand sells for $189 – just a little between rival Nook. The most interesting addition on the new Kindle is its batteries life that could see you through weeks of uninterrupted usage, and large memory size of 4GB.

Basic Features of the Kindle 3.

  • six-inch visual display
  • sleek, compatible and thinner than previous Kindle
  • Highly portable due in part for its lightweight
  • improved page loading speed – about 20% better than previous version
  • incredibly improved cell life, lasting up to weeks with the wireless off
  • Large storage capacity, with the potentials of holding up to three thousand five hundred ebooks

From all indications, its clear that the idea behind Kindle-3 was the possibility of having something more compact, portable and cool to carry around. The big challenge is that mobile phones, especially 3D phones, could read e-books just as readily. But with the huge improvement on size, there is no mistaking the future of the Kindle and even better versions to come.

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