The Wacom Bamboo Graphic Pen Tablet

This amazingly sleek and cool device, the Wacom Bamboo graphical and pen version, solves some of the problems we encounter with most tablet PCs. It has a laudable accurate touch ability – quite unusual you’ll agree.

Even with my already having a tablet PCs in the place of Intuos 3, when I saw my colleague do his designs swiftly with the Wacom Bamboo, I knew I’d never be contented until I get one for myself, and I must admit that the gadget has more than paid for the sacrifice I made to acquire it.

The inevitable question is what would have prompted someone with a tablet PC to go for a Wacom, after all, they’re all the same. Before you go ahead with the sentence, I’d like you to know that the ultra-slimness and smooth dual-touch feature of this gadget makes it irresistible for a designer like me. Smooth and accurate tracing of dots is very important to me and lots of other professionals out there, and that’s why this product is highly of the essence. Any professional that can afford it, without out flinching, should go for it. Talking about prize, it might please you that note that the product, even with its high quality, sales for a very modest price.

General Feature

The new Wacom Bamboo has three different versions: the Touch-only, The pen-only and the touch plus pen. This article will particularly be centred on the touch + pen Wacom Bamboo tablet PC. The in-built features in the different versions of the Wacom are about the same. The “pen only” is operated with a joystick, it doesn’t have the touch function. The “touch only” has a richer graphical interface than the pen-only, and it can only be operated virtually. The pen+touch is a combination of both the touch and pen function with great graphics. As one must have expected, the touch+pen happens to be a little costlier than others; but when paired with other Tablet PCs of it kind, the Wacom is considerably less expensive.

The device is super thin, having sensitive touch region of 5.8×3.6. It’s light and portable, and requires the least effort to carry it around, even it’s adapter and pen has a position where they rightly fit-in. The sensitivity of it’s pen, more than any other reason, accounts for why the Wacom is in much demand. One can easily keep a close track on the cursor and freely control it, while pin-pointing every move with an impressive accuracy. If work-accuracy means a thing to you, like medical practitioners, designers of all kind, architects, then this device should interest you. The pen and touch function could be used simultaneously and no friction or hanging would be detected.

The battle for standard has forced so many of us to settle for lesser software than we would have wished for. The Wacom however appears to be more compatibility. Laptop users have an ample of set-up options to choose from, while dual-monitors users enjoy a default set up. In either case, you sure would enjoy a rich and magnified display.

Before you Acquire Wacom Bamboo.

Owning this gadget, more than anything else, is dependent on what you do and how you want it to help you. If you’re always on the move, or your work requires some real accuracy, a busy executive, then investing a few dollar on this device might be a great idea. Like I said before, even to this day, I don’t have any regret for buying mine. Its unusual slimness and incredible battery sustainability makes it a first choice.

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